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Miamour Meneilly-Horney


Hello Beautiful! My name is Miamour Meneilly-Horney, but  everyone calls me Mia. I am a cosmetologist at The Local Lather Hair Salon in Huntingburg, IN. 


 I am so excited to get the chance to meet you! My passion is to help people discover their BEST self. It is one of my favorite things about being a hair and makeup artist. I love getting to know everything about you! Adding my personal touch to your beauty routine to make you feel not only beautiful, but empowered and confident in your own skin. Whether that be low maintenance/ lived in color, dimensional blonde, or a vibrant color. 

I started my journey as a cosmetologist in 2013, at Vincennes Beauty College.  I have been honing my craft in Huntingburg, IN. for over nine years.  I want to help give women the tools they need to feel beautiful, empowered, and confident not only in my chair, but everywhere they are. As my client, I want to teach you the how to's, tips, tricks and tailor your look to help you feel like your authentic self. 

In my down time, you will find me with my husband (Dusty) and my two kitties (Artmis and Ami). We love to travel and find the hidden gems. Chances are if I'm not at work, Dusty and I are on a hike, exploring some new place.

If I'm not with them you will find me teaching a yoga or diving deep in to my new art related hobby.  

I'm a avid art lover, concert participant, and yoga enthusiast.

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